Kiku Restaurant is a branch of the Mikuniya Onsen (hot spring) Inn in Kinosaki in Hyogo prefecture, which also has a reputation for its delicious food. We at Kiku Restaurant share Mikuniya's motto: "treat guests with a warm hospitality", and we devote ourselves to ever improving our skills and service, and serving authentic Japanese cuisine to British people. Our chef personally selects the ingredients, disregarding anything less than the best in order to create our delicious dishes and the restaurant is one of just a few in London which serve such high quality Japanese cuisine. We also have a good variety of fine sakes and wines.

Another thing that makes Kiku Restaurant special is its innovative and minimalist interior. Its contemporary design is well-considered, simple and functional and is based on Japanese traditional interiors, with a dignified stone floor perfectly balanced by natural wooden wall panels and furnishings such as the sushi counter and partitions which make individual dining spaces.

We also have a function room (seats eight) suitable for business meetings and small parties.