Edo Dinner
Starter Fried (Daily Changed Fried Dish)
Seasonal Appetizers Daily Chanded Refreshment
Clear Soup in Dobin Pot Sushi (Assorted Sushi)
Grilled (Daily Changed Grilled Dish) Miso Soup (Served with Main Course)
Casserole (Daily Changed Casserole) Dessert / Coffee
Kiku Dinner
Starter Beef or Salmon Teriyaki or Hime Chirashi Sushi
Seasonal Appetizers Boiled Rice (Served with Main Course)
Clear Soup in Dobin Pot Assorted Pickles (Served with Main Course)
Sashimi (Assorted Fish Fillets) Miso Soup (Served with Main Course)
Casserole(Daily Changed Casserole) Dessert
Fried (Daily Changed Fried Dish) Coffee
Tsuki Dinner
From 2 Persons
Seasonal Appetizers Sukiyaki or Shabu Shabu
Clear Soup Boiled Rice or Udon Noodle (Served with Main Course)
Sashimi Miso Soup (Served with Main Course)
Tempura Dessert / Coffee
Hana Dinner
Seasonal Appetizers Assorted Pickles
Clear Soup Boiled Rice
Miso Soup
Casserole Coffee
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